The sailing crew is gone. PRIDE is clean and stripped and under cover. The taken down spars are under a redesigned plastic Quonset hut. Thanksgiving is past. There is now a small winter work crew coming daily to work on a list of special projects and routine projects. Captain Trost is energized to lead this winter’s crew while I provide some logistical support and help with planning.

Taking PRIDE apart is a detailed routine that requires as much attention to detail as does operating PRIDE during the sailing season. Were we to be haphazard about the rig-down and storing ashore of ship equipment the winter crew would be faced with a nightmare of inefficiency as they try to do the work they are meant to do. The assembly of the ship’s winter cover frame and the assembly of a redesigned “sparlandia” shed takes a significant amount of time on top of getting PRIDE unrigged and unloaded. Spreading plastic efficiently and properly is somewhat weather dependent. Overall, the process of transitioning PRIDE from a commissioned and operational state to a secure and winter stored state requires considerable focus by both captains and the entire crew for at least three seven day weeks.

All ended well and on schedule Wednesday November 23rd at 1600 hours. By 1700 hours all were on their way to wherever they would be spending Thanksgiving. Another busy sailing season completed in good order.

Jan C. Miles, Captain