Becalmed Again.

Halfway between the Apostle Islands and the east end of the Keweenaw Peninsula there is calm lake water as far as the eye can see, mirroring the much cloudy sky.

The forecast says south winds 5-15 knots expected to go southwest tonight and into tomorrow. We have almost nothing.

What does the crew of sailboat do with no wind? In a sail boat race on a perfectly smooth surface we count our blessings! Pride just sits like she was at a dock in a well protected harbor. Everything aboard feels comfortable and serine. Everyone aboard tends to conduct themselves in a somewhat hushed manner. Members of the Off Watch are playing cards down below.

There is no avoiding the waiting for the next breeze when sail boat racing. It could be so much worse. Having no wind and a large left over swell heaving the ship about, for instance.

Yeah, we count our blessings.

Jan C. Miles and the calm lake water crew of Pride of Baltimore II