Pride of Baltimore, Inc. crew members are responsible for safely operating and preserving our beautiful ship, learning and teaching traditional practices of seamanship, educating our youth on the living history of the Chesapeake Bay, and helping to inspire thousands of people each year.

Crew Alumni of our ship are members of a small, nationally spread, close-knit group of sailors that share a love of the sea, respect for the tall ship profession, and great PRIDE in our 1812-era Privateer.  They are PRIDE family, many whom over time have gone their own ways, and lost touch.

Over the last few years Pride, Inc. have seen an increase in inquiries from PRIDE alumni crew members, looking to get involved and reconnect with past shipmates.

In response, and thanks to the beauty of social media, we’ve created a members-only, Pride of Baltimore, Inc. Crew Alumni Group on Facebook.  There we hope past and present crew members will connect, share memories, network, stay informed, receive “PRIDE Perks” and show their continued support for Pride of Baltimore II.  In time, members will also be recognized on a future “Alumni” section of our webpage.

If you are interested in joining the Pride of Baltimore, Inc. Crew Alumni Group, please send an email entitled: “PRIDE Alumni” to Kate Welsh, Public Relations and Marketing Manager at, and include the following information:

Full Name

Years employed by Pride of Baltimore, Inc.

Positions Held (Deckhand, Bosun, Cook, Engineer, etc.)

Mailing Address

Email Address

Phone Number

Please help us reconnect with our family! We appreciate your support and efforts in identifying and reaching out to past crew members.  Together we can do this!