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GUEST ENTRY: A Few Words from a PRIDE II Addict

Right now, on another beautiful, sunny afternoon, PRIDE II sails powerfully, smoothly along, less than 200 miles from Bermuda. We have entered our fifth full day under way since departing Jacksonville. Our weather, under the influence of big high pressure cells, has been remarkably unchanging except, thankfully, for a veering breeze which now allows the ship to sail at her swift best after dealing with two days of motoring into light head winds nearer the Florida coast.

Having become over the past dozen years something of a PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II addict, I am making my twelfth trip in this superb vessel as a “guest crew”, enjoying the company of the always friendly, helpful and tolerant real crew and their Captain. Retirement affords this kind of opportunity even to creaking 75-year olds like me! I have seen PRIDE II in all kinds of conditions from flat calms to heavy, cold North Atlantic gales, and from work days in port to passage making to racing. I don’t recall, however, another such extended period of “bluebird” weather as we are experiencing on this trip. Bermuda will be a fitting port of call before the next one, a major tall ships “race” to Charleston, where once again, it will be time for me to leave her.

Signed, George Rockwood