Expand your educational horizons from the deck of Pride of Baltimore II.

The sharp lines and raked masts of Pride II tell an incredible and important story about the ingenuity, courage, and skill of a young United States. Striving to establish an identity on the world stage, Chesapeake Bay shipwrights and sailors used their skill and impeccable craftsmanship to craft elegant vessels sleek enough to navigate the winding rivers of the Bay, strong enough to withstand the open ocean, and, eventually, stout enough to challenge British Naval power. Sailed by diverse crews, these Baltimore Schooners would help turn the tide of the War of 1812, and chart the future course for America.

A living descendant of the 1812 Privateers, Pride II is the perfect floating classroom for exploring history, geography, and social issues. Sailed with the same skills and techniques used two centuries ago, she offers a direct link to both living history and first-hand STEM problem solving as she sails.

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