<em>Pride of Baltimore</em>

Pride of Baltimore

<em>Pride of Baltimore II</em>

Pride of Baltimore II

The differences between the original Pride of Baltimore and Pride of Baltimore II are subtle but significant:

  1. Pride II is approximately 50% larger by volume and 15% larger dimensionally.
  2. The original Pride had no watertight compartments below deck. Pride II has six watertight bulkheads, three of which have watertight doors.
  3. Pride was originally fitted out with hammocks for crew berths and was later refitted with bunks. She had five feet of headroom between decks. Pride II has ample headroom for even the tallest sailor and carries bunks for crew. She also boasts three passenger cabins amidships that can accommodate six guest crew members.
  4. Pride carried 40 tons of lead ingots packed as internal ballast along side her keel. Pride II carries 40 tons of internal ballast, but also has 20 tons of outside ballast attached to the bottom of her keel.
  5. Pride had one Caterpillar engine that could push the vessel at 5 knots per hour with a range of 600 nautical miles. Pride II has two Caterpillar diesel engines with twin screws that can drive the ship at 8 knots for extended periods. She has an extreme range of 1,200 nautical miles under power.
  6. Pride‘s gunnel stripe and banner color was white. Pride II‘s gunnel strip is yellow and she flies a yellow banner.
  7. Pride was equipped with radar, Loran, and other electronic navigation gear. In addition, Pride II has satellite communications via COMSAT, a personal computer, and GPS (Global Positioning System) aboard.

On deck, Pride II looks very much like Pride except that she is steered by a wheel rather than a tiller. Her sail plan is also similar. She looks and sails like what she is — a refined Baltimore Clipper topsail schooner. She would make the most jaded 19th-century ship builder proud.