William Donald Schaefer, the man most credited with the realization of the world famous Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland, has passed on. On Monday of this week, his casket was taken on a long sojourn from Annapolis, where he worked as Governor and Comptroller, to Baltimore…his home town…where he experienced his most personally meaningful government position…Mayor of Baltimore from 1971-1987.

PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II was moved to the Inner Harbor West Wall near to the bronze statue of William Donald Schaefer in preparation of a cannon salute to the former Governor, whose casket would be driving by as part of the farewell tour of the city, giving citizens the opportunity to pay their respects to William Donald Schaefer.

At the last minute the casket and escort actually made a lengthy stop at the staute, with the honor escort exiting the automobiles to mingle with the gathered crowd and view Schaefer’s statue as well view and ponder the changes made to the Inner Harbor since it’s initial rennaissance in the early 1970s.

The key escort to Schaefer’s casket was long time staffer and close friend Lainy LeBow-Sachs. She is almost as well known to everyone as is Schaefer. She took time to accept best wishes and token gifts in memorial to Schaefer. Time was taken to view Schaefer’s statue and recognize those behind establishing it. Many in the crowd were associated with Baltimore Tourism…marked in the Inner Harbor by the handsome Visitor Center adjacent to Schaefer’s statue…set looking out toward the Inner Harbor with the National Aquarium in the background and PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II in the foreground. At a key moment when all of the hellos & best wishes were about completed, Captain Jamie Trost, commanding PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II, announced loudly to the crowed that there would be a cannon salute in honor of Governor Schaefer. The first shot was loud and stimulated the crowed to start clapping. The clapping continued through the rest of the three cannon salute.

Afterwards Lainy Lebow-Sachs took time to approach PRIDE and notice the uniformed crew standing at attention as well a number of key photos of Schaefer aboard PRIDE. Remembering me she appeared surprised that I was still a captain with PRIDE. I shared with her my discovery that there was nothing else better to do! I went on to share that as a result of the voyages far and wide of the two PRIDE’s…Baltimore today is home to the most well known American traditional sailing vessels in the world….because of William Donald Schaefer’s understanding for good symbols that would demonstrate why Baltimore citizens have a lot to be proud of ~ Baltimore Harbor is surely something of which to be very proud. 

Vale William Donald Schaefer!!!

Jan C. Miles
Captain of the PRIDE’s

A Tribute to William Donald Schafer – NY Times Photo Slideshow