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CAPTAIN'S LOG: Crew Rest and Repair

For the first time since this sailing year’s crew came aboard March 3rd they are experiencing time off. Unusually it is two days in a row (something almost unheard of,) but very well received by all. This rest period of is also marked by rain – a lot of rain – with more to come as all of us go back to work Sunday. But at least it is warmer!!!

 After the snowy Maryland Day PRIDE remained in Annapolis an extra day to let the windy Wednesday blow by before returning to Baltimore. And windy it was! Pride would lean notably some degrees in the puffs. No flags set to preserve them from the wear they would get from puffs of 30+ knots. The cold was more than it had been for Maryland Day due to wind chill, but also due to just plain being colder. 

 The day did not go to waste while it was much appreciated that we were not “out there” trying to motor our way against the wind to Baltimore. The morning was spent with Captain Trost and Pride, Inc.’s Historian Volunteer, Pierre Henkart, touring the Naval Academy Museum. More 1812 history for the crew to become conversant with (the Navy’s version.) Not much conversation about the activities of privateers…naturally. Still it was fascinating for the crew. Lunch back aboard had all kinds of conversation about what was most interesting. While there were a lot of different things to be impressed by, the prisoner-made models of sailing ships of the day were the most amazing. Sea mammal bone was a common material. The detail seen in the models, right down to actual fastening schedule, begged the question of how much light was available considering the conditions of British prisons of American crews of captured privateers. The conditions were cruel even for the time.

 The afternoon was spent organizing the down below areas of PRIDE that had been hastily loaded during the rush to rig PRIDE up and tie on sails for the Maryland Day/Star Spangled Replica Flag transport to Annapolis and parade to Maryland’s Capital. The day ended for the first time in a long time at 5 PM rather than nearer to 6:30-7:00 PM. 

 The weather for the motor back to Baltimore was happily calm hence quite a lot warmer. The transit time was spent reviewing safety protocols again as a refresher to the safety discussions and drill done during the transit to Annapolis. 

 So, what does PRIDE’s crew, used to working seven days a week, do when suddenly there are two days off in a row? Sleep in late is the first thing…at least for some. The real opportunity though is going for refreshments and food courtesy of Captain Jamie Trost and his wife Kathleen Moore in enticement to assist in moving them from one place of abode to another…about six blocks apart. Considering there is not much to do in Baltimore except go to great museums or possibly shop…I think there would be great fun be found for a potentially listless crew by spending an afternoon making the move…don’t you? 

 Easy for me to say…I stayed home…plenty for me to catch up with there after a length of time of seven-day work weeks. 

 Signed…the time-off Captains and Crew of PRIDE