Date: Wednesday June 22, 2016
Time: 1430 ADT
Position: 55 nautical miles southeast of Gaspe Peninsula in the Gulf of St.Lawrence

The sailing was indeed good this morning. However, winds fell light right after lunch. While favorable in direction, they were only enough strength to push Pride II along at 3 knots. Started the PORT engine. Been cruising along between 6-7 knots at a very moderate 1,200 RPM. I am guessing that is consuming a bit less than 3 gallons of fuel an hour, which means at the speed being made the fuel economy is around half a gallon per mile. With both engines, the economy would be more around three-quarters of a gallon a mile. With the wind against and wanting to keep a speed of 7 knots, consumption is more like one gallon a mile. Then, there is distance to go and time remaining. We have roughly 440 nautical miles to go to Quebec City and the first required pilot pick-up location. I would like to get there around 5-6 AM EDT Sunday morning some 86.5 hours away. This will require an average speed of 5.1 knots. Any time we can go faster with less fuel or none being used at all, the better it is for having a reserve of fuel and time to deal with unexpected situations. Or contrary winds of greater strength, that likely will require using more fuel through using higher revolutions (engine speed) to maintain the desired schedule.

Why Quebec City Sunday morning? To be in Montreal for inspection by Seaway Inspectors first thing business hours Monday, so as to avoid a $600 overtime fee. Under average conditions and careful timing, it takes just less than 24 hours to get to Montreal from Quebec City. I want to start the trek up river to Montreal at close to low water at Quebec City so as to catch as much of the flood from Quebec City up toward Three Rivers (about half way to Montreal) as possible.

Then, if all goes well in Montreal Monday morning, it is another roughly 24 hours over 160 nautical miles and through 7 locks to Cape Vincent, New York for Customs Clearance. Not to mention more fuel before carrying on to Toronto.

This is just part of voyage planning.

Signed, Jan C. Miles