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Captain's Log – Lock #1, Welland Canal

Date: Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Time 0800 EDT

Position : Lock #1 “tie-up” wall, Welland Canal

Pride is again in the company of Draken, the replica 9th century Viking Longboat; both vessels are awaiting permission to proceed.

The race ended early for Draken yesterday around 1230 PM as yesterday’s light winds were not helpful for her to finish the race before having to fulfill her timing with the pilots. Pride carried on and finished the race around 1640 and then sailed through the night to enter the Welland Canal this morning. Word is that both vessels will be transiting together. Once through the canal, Draken will pull to the side and await her next move while Pride is slated to continue on into Lake Erie and commence the 100-odd nautical miles toward Fairport Harbor, Ohio.


Captain Jan C. Miles