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Captain's Log – Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Pride of Baltimore II visiting Lunenburg, Nova Scotia is a very special experience for both the crew and the marine population of this seafaring town.

There is a long and proud legacy of commercial sailing history here that continues to be supported by a maritime museum as well continued modern commercial fishery in the presence of modern and classical recreational boating.

Lunenburg is home to Canada’s sailing national shrine Bluenose II, a living full-size fishing schooner. The Pride of Baltimore legacy has always had a close, friendly and respectful friendship with Bluenose II.

Lunenburg is also home to the world-circling (six times) square-rigged Barque Picton Castle. The friendship and respect to the Pride legacy is made very close by the fact that Captain Daniel Moreland of Picton Castle was one of the first Pride’s Captains.

Thus, the logistical stop here in Lunenburg, on our way to Toronto, is made most beneficial due to the instinctual understanding for what a sail vessel, in transit of a long voyage, requires. In the last 36 hours, the ship’s grocery shopping and laundry has been made “easy” by the loan of a pick-up truck. Directions have been provided to places to get things done, as well as purchased, for the benefit of the transit. As well as some sage council and direct assistance from the master of traditional rigging Captain Moreland. Specifically, we took the opportunity to get a very quick wire splice done by Captain Moreland to eliminate a turn-back in the forward “Martin-Gale”. This required de-tuning the jib-boom Martin-Gale rigging, then retuning and re-seizing.

All the work is done now and the crew have Sunday afternoon off. Tomorrow we get topped off with fuel for the long climb toward the Great Lakes in a narrow and un-sailable River. Then, rush out to sea to capture the favorable wind forecast for getting to Cape Canso. From there, we turn north and west across the Gulf of St. Lawrence as quickly as possible while the favorable wind is upon us.

Signed, Captain Jan Miles