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CAPTAIN'S LOG: Thanks Volunteers – We Continue to Need You!

We’ve had plenty of good assistance from volunteers, and while we continue to seek help as the uprigging process continues, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has volunteered so far. Several of whom are local to the Baltimore region & came for the day… sometimes several days over the past week. Some volunteers came from far away and stayed for a few or more days. Many thanks to all of you!!! It can be seen by the attached photos that there is still lots to do, yet it can also be seen that lots has been done.

Over the latter part of last week and over this last weekend the topmasts were sent up to their “housed” positions and are ready to be dressed before sending up to be “fidded”. Also, the jib-boom rigging is nearly completed. Also lots of square yard and mainsail boom dressing has been done. To resolve the concern of possible confusion of labeling, all gear for any particular spar being prepared has been brought out to the light of day for examination and laid out in an order that makes clear everything has been identified, that nothing is missing, or not yet put back together for use after winter maintenance.
Starting this week, we are tightening the jib-boom stays (some might refer to as whiskers) and back-ropes. Then tie-off (seize) the lanyards. Also set up the jib stay tackle. Also start dressing the topmasts for sending up. That will take a while. Today looks like rain. So… we will wait a bit for the front to pass through.
Meanwhile there is also the final dressing of the yards. Topsail-yard to get square fore-topsail bent onto and furled upon prior to sending up. Course yard to receive studding sail booms before being sent up.
Always there are onboard details to attend to.
So, for all you who have helped and want to help, please come on down! Sail boats are fun! Especially archaic ones!! 😎

Simply email me at

-Captain Jan Miles

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