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Captain’s Log

See photo below of “crossed” course-yard.

PRIDE is now looking rather more like she normally looks. Many thanks Volunteers that assisted with a lot of the “heavy lifting”!!!

In the foreground it can be seen there are not as many ship related hardware left still sitting “on the hard” as there once was. Still a lot to do before going sailing.

We are now finishing up some details to the course-yard rigging and the top-yard rigging. Meanwhile the mainsail boom dressing is underway in preparation of hoisting aboard.

Maybe the boom will go aboard today? Anyone want to come assist??? 😎 If not today, Saturday

Either way, this weekend there will be plenty for anyone interested to assist.

Once the mainsail boom is aboard the mainsail itself will need to be bent on. That involves quite a bit of detailed tying on of sail to hoops and boom and gaff. Not to mention hoisting that heavy sail aboard before being able to bend’er on.

The CHASSEUR loaded aboard.

The rubber “rescue” boat rigged up and loaded aboard.

Engine-room equipment testing and emergency systems check.

Like all boats in “spring-time re-commissioning” there is plenty to do till all is done. And time keeps running on by. The sooner we accomplish re-commissioning, the sooner sailing is available.

To our volunteers that have already assisted, many, many thanks!!! Altogether you have added up to a tremendous boost to this year’s hired crew productivity for meeting the accelerated deadline of escorting under sail the French Frigate L’HERMIONE into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor come early morning Friday June 19th.

With still more to do before practice sails early next week, we have hopes for continued assistance from any of you that know rather intimately what is involved with recommissioning PRIDE.

Again, our sincere thanks!!!

Crossed Court Yard