Bermuda Voyage Recap

PRIDE II in St. George's Courtesy of Kate Simmons

Photo: Pride of Baltimore II  in St. George’s Harbor, courtesy of Kate Simmons.

Date: Friday, June 11, 2021
Location: Alongside Pennos Warf, St. George’s, Bermuda

Pride of Baltimore II departed Baltimore on June 4 bound for Bermuda & arrived safely on June 10. This Captain’s Log is a collection of updates sent from the ship during the voyage.

Log 1
Date: Saturday, June 5, 2021
Time: 2230
Position: 32°36.8 N x 75°05.4 W
35 nautical miles east of Currituck Beach Light, Virginia.

Since 7 PM Friday Pride had been motoring with all sail struck and stowed. All hands split into three watches. Each watch took 4-hour turns managing Pride down the remaining length of the Chesapeake Bay from near the leaning-over lighthouse of Sharps Island at the mouth of the Choptank River. Pride had company. The fleet of sail racing yachts headed from Annapolis to Newport was making its way down the bay at the same time. The wind was at times light and fickle. At times light and contrary. At times favorable and fresh. But after a full Friday afternoon of the crew aboard Pride tacking nearly a dozen times and a forecast of changeable wind largely from ahead breezes sail was struck and everyone could take the night to recover from the acutely physical effort of those tacks. The pulling on sheets and braces of three headsails, two square yards and the loose footed foresail every twenty minutes to a half hour throughout the afternoon was unrealistic to continue on through the coming night. Particularly as Pride was not actually in a race. Those much more modern than Pride racing vessels made very few tacks and most had only one headsail to pass from side to side. Two additional realities helped me give the crew relief for the night from all the sail handling. A forecast of dead calm at the bottom of the bay most of Saturday and a 600 plus nautical miles ocean passage to make after getting out of the Chesapeake Bay. Now Pride is on her way under sail making 8+ knots with 10-11 knots of beam reach wind under full sail (main, main gaff topsail, fore topsail & topgallant, and three headsails. She has company. Somewhere nearby is Ice Bear, a modern sloop (Swan 59) providing adult adventure cruising under the organizing of 59°-North. Both vessels were set to participate in last year’s Annapolis to Bermuda Race. A multi-decade venerable race canceled at the last moment due to COVID. This year, an off-year of the every two year A2B race, Pride and Ice Bear are sailing in company towards Bermuda, as a memorial to last year’s missed competition. Some friendly competition is on. Also some celestial navigation competition. Now it begins.

Log 2
Date: Sunday, June 6, 2021
Position: 35°47 N x 73°24 W

Started motoring-sailing around 8 AM this morning. At the end of good sailing since 7 PM yesterday. Finally had to strike square-sails and outer two jibs at midday. Being there is not a ripple of wind on the water. Motoring along puts the square-sails aback and slows the motoring. Maybe a new wind overnight. Maybe not till sometime tomorrow

Log 3
Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2021
Time: 0800 EDT
Position: 33°47.6 N x 69°12.8 W
Conditions: SW 10 knots, scattered rain clouds, 3-foot swell from SE

At 1600 hours yesterday Pride’s crew had experienced the first time sailing uninterruptedly for 24 hours. Happily sailing continued overnight last night and on this morning. Weather forecasting indicates we could sail through most of today before we experience the forecast of truly light winds.

The wind for this leg from near the Virginia beaches south of Cape Henry has been somewhat fickle. Saturday night was a good, relatively smooth and speedy sail of around 8 knots. All sail including the square top-gallant. Sunday around 0900 the wind fell to near nothing when Pride reached the main part of the Gulf Stream. Smooth seas and no wind at all. Had to strike square-sails and headsails as they were blocking the breeze made by motoring. Late afternoon Sunday, having crossed the stream, we went sailing again with the return of the southerly-southwest breeze of around 5-10 knots. We have been able to sail continuously since at boat speeds of 4-6 knots. If we can continue all day today, we will eventually accumulate 48 hours of continuous sailing.

Life on board is at a constant 5-10 degrees of heel. Pride heaves and jerks with the impact of 3 foot swells from the southeast. No one aboard is able to stand and walk without jerking around compensating with quickly shifting feet. For those of us less nimble, we have arms out to grab or brace as we move around. Since the rise of water temperature to near 80 degrees Fahrenheit with the Gulf Stream and on toward Bermuda, plus a significant rise in humidity, life down below is a swelter. Notwithstanding, ship’s cook, Ian Bova, has been keeping all aboard well fed. And there be plenty of snacks to reach for if one goes to the designated snack locker. But there is no such thing as a cool drink. No ice to be had. So the coolest a drink can be is around 80 degrees. But anyone can have as much hot drink as one wants.

Log 4
Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Time: 0800 EDT
Position: 32°59.6 N x 66° 37.3 W
Conditions: Wind Light & Variable. Glassy smooth sea. Slight swell.

Started motoring around 2200 hours EDT yesterday. Forecasts of the last several days have indicated sometime late Tuesday winds would go light & variable near Bermuda. And so the wind did go light & variable last night. But at least we managed to accumulate 54 hours of continuous sailing. This morning we are 120 nautical miles from entering St George’s Harbor, Bermuda. At a moderate engine speed of 1,200 RPM we are making around 5.5 knots. So, an early morning arrival tomorrow seems a realistic plan.

Arrival Bermuda will be more than motoring in and dropping the anchor. Some distance away from Bermuda we are required to communicate via VHF marine radio with Bermuda Radio. That call will determine Pride’s crew COVID-free status. Assuming we satisfy the authorities we will be given permission to continue proceeding to St George’s Harbor. Once there Bermuda Customs Clearance procedures will be performed. This will include a COVID test of all aboard followed by remaining aboard until those tests prove everyone is free of the virus.

During this isolation period we will clean Pride and organize for the big changeover that will occur Friday. Guest crew voyagers will debark and new guest crew voyagers for the return sail will embark. Between these movements, the bunks for guest crew will be changed over. Once the change over is complete, customs clearance formalities from Bermuda will be made ahead of the planned Saturday departure. Weather permitting.

Log 5
Date: Thursday, June 10, 2021
Time: 0700 EDT/0800 local time

Pride II has arrived in St. George’s Harbor & alongside the dock awaiting customs and covid testing.

Maryland Day Weekend Annapolis Visit & Season Debut

PRIDE II in Annapolis

Photo: Pride II in Annapolis, courtesy of John Lee

Date: Sunday, March 21, 2021

Location: Annapolis, Maryland

Activity: Maryland Day Commemoration Weekend

The weekend is nearly cloudless and windless due to a strong and stable high-pressure air mass overhead, escorted in by a wet and windy gale last Thursday and Friday.

Pride of Baltimore II transited down to Annapolis yesterday. A day with light wind from the north. Fortunate for the first setting of sail for this year by the newly formed crew that have been up-rigging since early February. The first setting of sail is always an experience of numerous discoveries that must get adjusted to attain a “proper fit” for the rest of the season. Thus, a light wind day is perfect for the first sail setting.

Maryland commemorates its forming every year on March 25. In recent years, Four Rivers Heritage Area has been organizing a weekend-long Maryland Day commemoration event. This year, the weekend chosen precedes Maryland Day. With the worldwide pandemic, many participants have created virtual programming for the event. Pride of Baltimore II is able to be a more tangible participant through being seen directly while moored in Annapolis. However, she is not open to deck visitors. With a shoreside War of 1812 history display set up alongside, there is a lot of information to read while also admiring the ship close up.

From Annapolis City Dock about one hundred feet away, one is able to get a very nice profile view of the port side of the ship. From about a half-mile away, at the top of Main Street near Church Circle, one is able to admire Pride’s clearly tall and square topsail schooner rig complete with tightly furled, very white sails. And also view the Chesapeake Bay beyond, all the way to Kent Island’s western shore on the far eastern side of the bay.

Yesterday’s transit from Baltimore and arrival was captured on film by a number of folks, starting with dawn’s early light near Fort McHenry. With all sail finally set, Pride sailed right into Annapolis Harbor just before noon, firing cannon salutes as the crew took in sail. Many folks were on shore to observe as well as hear Pride’s arrival. All afternoon after secure to the dock, as the crew tidied up the ship and set up the shoreside history display, folks walked up and asked questions or gave good cheer to Pride’s presence.

Pride, Inc.’s relatively new social media tradition of Coffee with the Captain every Saturday at 9 AM local time was maintained even while Pride was moving down the bay toward Annapolis. After providing a “what has been happening aboard for the week” update to the tuned-in audience, we introduced National Park Ranger Kate Marks Hardy as the featured guest. Ranger Kate described the new partnership between the National Park Service Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail and Pride of Baltimore, Inc., providing the ship as the roving ambassador to that trail. As the sailing ambassador for the Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail, Pride will be visiting Chesapeake Bay ports and partnering with local heritage areas for weekend events. The ports Pride is able to visit in addition to Baltimore and Annapolis are in no particular order, St. Mary’s City, Solomons, Cambridge, St. Michael’s, Chestertown, Georgetown (on the Sassafras River), and Havre de Grace. Visits to these ports will be spread out over the length of this year’s sailing season.

The voyages to and away from these ports will also present opportunities for guest crew to join Pride’s crew and assist with sailing Pride. In addition, we expect there to be guest crew opportunities to sail and work with the crew to Bermuda and to New England.

There is a curious beneficial twist with the pandemic and port visits without public deck tours. The crew are able to do ship maintenance and the public are able to observe the care that is given to Pride. Without a pandemic, the public would be aboard and the crew would not be doing maintenance. With public aboard, the crew would be sharing stories of what their lives are like sailing Pride, as well facts about the type of vessel Pride is, and, of course, the wonderful story of the defense of Baltimore and the penning of the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” All the regular maintenance Pride requires would therefore be scheduled for times outside of having the public tour her deck. Working aloft caring for Pride’s traditional sailing rigging could be a risk to the public walking underneath the aloft work — for instance, dripping tar. Nor could cosmetic maintenance be ongoing — for instance, wet paint or varnish. Or even sanding with all the dust that is caused when prepping for re-coating. Thus maintenance is relegated to time that includes time needed to get Pride to her next scheduled port, squeezed between voyaging and public events. Being able to do maintenance during public viewing from ashore, with crew answering public questions that the shoreside history display does not answer, provides a chance to keep up with routine and cosmetic maintenance that sometimes falls behind when time between ports and events is not enough to both do maintenance as well voyage the ship.

Stay diligent everyone!

Captain Jan C. Miles

Pride of Baltimore and National Park Service Partnership Will Bring Pride of Baltimore II to More Families Around the Chesapeake Bay

Pride of Baltimore II off Fort McHenry, March 24, 2020, courtesy of Jeffrey G. Katz

May 20, 2020

Contact: Erica Denner, 410.539.1151

BALTIMORE, MD – Pride of Baltimore, Inc. (Pride, Inc.) is proud to announce a partnership with the National Park Service (NPS) that will enhance the experience for visitors at select Chesapeake Bay ports along the Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail (Trail). While Pride, Inc. has worked collaboratively with the NPS in the past — first as an officially designated Chesapeake Bay Gateway and then on interpretive programming at Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine — a recently signed cooperative agreement with the Trail will expand that collaborative programming to sites throughout the Chesapeake.

“We are very much looking forward to working in partnership with the National Park Service and the Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail in 2021. The free programming that will be available to underserved communities throughout the Chesapeake Bay along the Trail will strengthen our efforts to be more accessible to everyone,” said Jeffrey Buchheit, executive director of Pride, Inc. “We can think of no better partner than the National Park Service and we hope to work with them for years to come.”

“We are excited to launch this relationship and collaboration with Pride, Inc. to more meaningfully engage with families along the Trail,” said Shaun Eyring, acting superintendent of Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, Hampton National Historic Site, and the Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail. “Together we will develop new interpretive programs and a traveling exhibit to connect with underserved communities and expand recreational opportunities throughout the Bay.”

The tall ship Pride of Baltimore II (Pride II) will serve as a sailing Trail ambassador that will engage visitors in the history of the people and places in the Chesapeake during the War of 1812. The experience will assist in building a foundation for future stewards of the Trail, as well as of the natural and cultural resources of the Bay. Visitors will be able to tour Pride II dockside and enjoy the full experience of a free day sail on Maryland’s world-renowned tall ship.

Pride of Baltimore II is uniquely suited to serve as a Trail ambassador since it is the only historically evocative reproduction of a War of 1812-era privateer that homeports on the Bay. Capturing public imagination through unique worldwide voyages of discovery, Pride II honors Maryland seafarers of all eras and, wherever she sails, shares the innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and patriotism that forged and continues to define Maryland’s maritime identity.

A full schedule of port visits will be available in early 2021 at

About Pride of Baltimore II

Baltimore Clippers, sleek, fast, and maneuverable vessels, gained fame as privateers during the War of 1812. Their success in capturing British merchant ships provoked the Royal Navy to attack Baltimore in 1814. Francis Scott Key, seeing the American flag still flying over Fort McHenry after the 25-hour British bombardment, was inspired to pen the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

Pride of Baltimore II, like her predecessor, Pride of Baltimore, is a historically evocative reproduction of one of the most famous of these privateers, Chasseur. For more than four decades, these modern-day prides of Baltimore have promoted historical maritime education, fostered economic development and tourism, and represented the people of Maryland in ports throughout the world. Since her commissioning in 1988, Pride II has sailed over 275,000 nautical miles and visited more than 200 ports in 40 countries.

To learn more about Pride of Baltimore II, please visit

About the Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail

The Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail is a 560-mile land and water route that tells the story of the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake Bay region. The trail traces American and British troop movements, introduces visitors to communities affected by the war, and highlights the Chesapeake region’s distinctive landscapes and waterways. It connects historic sites in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia and commemorates the events leading up to the Battle for Baltimore, the aftermath of which inspired Francis Scott Key to write our national anthem. Congress established the Star-Spangled Banner Trail in 2008. The trail is one of 19 national historic trails administered by the National Park Service and one of 30 trails in the National Trails System. For more information, visit


Promoting Economic Development in Maryland: Pride of Baltimore II to partner with State of Maryland

Pride of Baltimore II
Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore Inc. is proud to announce a new public-private partnership with the state of Maryland to promote economic development for the state and city of Baltimore. New state funding will allow Pride of Baltimore II to expand its economic development activity in the state, around the country and in other nations.

“Pride of Baltimore II is a wonderful symbol of the rich maritime heritage of both our state and Baltimore, and the ship generates extremely valuable exposure and goodwill wherever she goes,” Governor Larry Hogan said in a press release about the new partnership with Pride. “We are pleased to have a new partnership with the Pride to have her help carry our message across the state, nation and globe — that Maryland is a great place to do business.”

The state has committed major funding to Pride of Baltimore Inc. for the next three years. The organization will use the funds to underwrite the Pride’s activities and expand its focus on selling Maryland and Baltimore as strong economic markets.

Pride’s mission has been to promote historical maritime education, foster economic development and tourism, and represent the people of Maryland in ports throughout the world,” said Rick Scott, executive director of Pride of Baltimore Inc. “We are thrilled to have a new partnership with Maryland and we will be working closely with the Maryland Departments of Transportation and Commerce to promote economic development here.”

As one of the most respected tall ships in the nation, Pride of Baltimore II generates intense excitement at every port and provides a vivid reminder of the state’s rich commercial history and vibrant economic opportunities.

“We know the value the Pride brings to our efforts to market Baltimore and Maryland to business leaders and entrepreneurs,” said Mike Gill, secretary of the Maryland Department of Commerce. “The ship is a wonderful ambassador and a piece of our history that will be an incredibly exciting messenger for us around the country.”

Along with the state support, Pride of Baltimore Inc. will this year launch a corporate membership campaign to generate new revenue to support the Pride’s activities. The organization is also reaching out to the public to secure new individual supporters.

Click here to support Maryland’s Pride.

SAIL MAIL: Pride's Next Chapter


When I began working with Pride in 2013, we were in the midst of a series of bicentennial events commemorating the War of 1812, which lasted from 1812 to 1815. Yes, the Treaty of Ghent officially ended the war in December 1814, but news was slow to travel in those days and the Battle of New Orleans was fought in January 1815. And Chasseur, one of the most successful privateers of the war, did not return to Baltimore until spring 1815. Upon her arrival, she was greeted by cheering crowds and dubbed the “Pride of Baltimore.” This was a critical time period in the early history of the United States and culminated in the penning of our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

<em>Pride II</em> during Star-Spangled Sailabration,
Pride II during Star-Spangled Sailabration, 2012

It has been an honor to have served as executive director over the past few years as Pride was central to so many commemorative events. From 2012 to 2015, we welcomed more than 200,000 people aboard, educated thousands of children, engaged our local communities, provided use of the vessel for corporate and non-profit use, captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of individuals, and attracted millions of dollars in ad value from the media we generated promoting Baltimore and Maryland.

I have been inspired by the many people I have met who have a personal story, a real connection, to Pride. Our history, our heart, and our soul are in Baltimore and in Maryland, and we want the rest of the world to discover and enjoy Maryland’s Pride. As we set sail in 2016, we continue our nearly four-decade mission to promote historical maritime education, foster economic development and tourism, and represent the people of Maryland in ports throughout the world. We accomplish this by providing free educational deck tours, student programs, public day sails, overnight guest crew opportunities, private charters, dockside receptions, and partnering with the corporate and non-profit communities to extend their impact.

I am very excited about Pride’s next chapter! In 2016, our plan is to sail in the Chesapeake Bay in spring and fall, and voyage along the East Coast and into the Great Lakes during the summer. When we are sailing our local waters, we will welcome aboard thousands of students, local citizens, and visiting tourists, and partner with dozens of organizations and corporations to host dockside receptions or private charters. As we travel to the Great Lakes, we will participate in tall ship festivals, introducing tens of thousands of individuals to Maryland’s Pride and continuing to spread positive messages of Baltimore and Maryland as we travel regionally and nationally.

We need your support to keep the wind in our sails!

Pride of Baltimore II during Star Spangled Spectacular 2014
Pride of Baltimore II during Star Spangled Spectacular 2014

Since the economic downturn of 2008, many tall ships throughout the country have had their share of financial challenges. We have witnessed our sister ships tied up, not operating, or even put up for sale. Pride, Inc. is fortunate that we have had a small endowment to help bridge our gap in funding each year. We are also fortunate to not have any debt and a very well-maintained vessel that, with prudent care, can easily sail another fifty years. However, because we have been sailing in local waters for the past two years, we have some maintenance we need to complete to prepare for ocean voyaging in 2016. We estimate needing approximately $70,000 for this deferred maintenance, including:

• Caulking to preserve the physical strength of the vessel.
• Replacing one of our sails (fore staysail) for age-related issues.
• Replacing our satellite transceiver, satellite phone, and some communications equipment (laptop, phone, radio) to meet regulations.
• Servicing our magnetic compass for continued long-term dependability.
• Overhauling our emergency rescue boat – again, age-related – for continued dependability during any emergency operations.

Please click here to help us complete this necessary maintenance in 2016!

Since her commissioning in 1988, Pride of Baltimore II has become one of the most well-known U.S. sailing vessels in the world, sailing 250,000 nautical miles and visiting more than 200 ports in 40 countries. She has captured public imagination worldwide and spread positive messages of Baltimore and Maryland. With your help, we can keep her sailing and inspiring people for generations to come.

During this season of giving, we ask that you make a donation to keep Pride sailing, and provide support for our upcoming maintenance needs. Every donation – regardless of the amount – makes a difference! Please be sure to check with your employer to see if they will match your donation and double your impact.

And, just by donating on December 30 and December 31, you will be entered to win a Day Sail for Two in 2016! It’s our gift to you. As always, we thank you for your  continued support.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and peaceful new year,

Rick Scott
Executive Director, Pride of Baltimore II

P.S. Click here to read a brochure that highlights some of our programs, travels, and accomplishments over the past few years.

See Pride of Baltimore Rendezvous with the Hermione!

Pride of Baltimore by Jeff Woods


You’re invited to an event of International proportions! On Friday, June 19, 2015, America’s Star-Spangled Ambassador, Pride of Baltimore II, will rendezvous with the French-built Hermione. You may have heard about the Hermione recently on TV. In April, Hermione departed from France on a two-month Living History Sail to commemorate the voyage that brought a young Marquis de Lafayette to aid General George Washington during the American Revolution.


The Hermione is sailing 3,819 miles across the Atlantic and will make landfall in Yorktown, Virginia in early June. She will then sail up the coast retracing Lafayette’s footsteps, including a historic stop here in Baltimore!


Lafayette was just 19 years old when he volunteered to fight for the American Revolution. It was because of him that the King of France sent 5,000 soldiers and six ships to aid in the battle, and, eventually, help defeat the British. Pride of Baltimore II is proud to partake in the Hermione’s historic voyage and to welcome her with open arms to Baltimore, a city itself that is deeply rooted in American history.

Take Part In the Excitement!

Hermione Hits the Atlantic, courtesy Hermione


Beginning at 7 am on June 19, the Captains of both vessels will meet near the Key Bridge and Fort McHenry. Pride will then escort the Hermione to the Inner Harbor. There will be a cannon salute from Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine as the ships enter the Harbor.


The best vantage points to see the ships enter the Inner Harbor will be from:
-Broadway Pier in Fells Point (900 S. Broadway), and
-Tidepoint (1040 Hull St.)


Welcome Ceremony

A Welcome Ceremony with French and American dignitaries will take place there at 10 am at the Inner Harbor’s Constellation Pier 1 (301 E. Pratt Street). This ceremony will kick off a weekend of fun activities, day sails and deck tours, so you won’t want to miss it!


Free Tours, Day Sails and More

Deck Tours of the Hermione and Pride of Baltimore II will be available from Friday, June 19 through Sunday, June 21. In addition, Pride will offer 2-hour public day sails from 2-4pm each day, but get your tickets early, as they are sure to sell out! In addition, can be chartered for evening sails Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To make reservations for a day sail or to book a private charter for a group of up to 33 passengers, visit or call 410-539-1151.


The complete Schedule of Weekend Events is as follows:


Friday, June 19, 2015

– 10 am – 12pm Welcome Ceremony with French and American officials
– 12 pm – 4pm: Public Tours of the Hermione
– 12 pm – 1pm: Public Tours of Pride
– 2 pm – 4pm: Pride Public Sail: Click here to purchase tickets
– 12 pm – 4pm: Traveling Exhibit and Community Events on the Pier
o Traveling Exhibit:
A photographic panel display of Lafayette’s role in the American Revolution and the Hermione’s reconstruction.
o Community Heritage events:
Historic shipbuilding and colonial crafts demonstrations. Maryland regiments and fife and drum corps. Lafayette reenactments. 3 afternoon interlude concerts by Rochefort’s Les Vents Marines: French and American seafaring songs from the American Revolution to today with public sing-a-longs.
Location: Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Constellation Pier 1 (301 E. Pratt Street) and the West Wall (301 Light Street)


Saturday, June 20, 2015

– 9 am – 4pm: Public Tours of the Hermione
– 9 am – 1 pm: Public Tours of Pride
– 2 pm – 4 pm: Pride Public Sail: Click here to purchase tickets
– 9 am – 7 pm: Traveling Exhibit and Community Events on the Pier
o Traveling Exhibit:
A photographic panel display of Lafayette’s role in the American Revolution and the Hermione’s reconstruction.
o Community Heritage events:
Historic shipbuilding and colonial crafts demonstrations. Maryland regiments and fife and drum corps. Lafayette reenactments. 3 afternoon interlude concerts by Rochefort’s Les Vents Marines: French and American seafaring songs from the American Revolution to today with public sing-a-longs.
Location: Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Constellation Pier 1 (301 E. Pratt Street) and the West Wall (301 Light Street)


Sunday, June 21, 2015

– 9 am – 4pm: Public Tours of the Hermione
– 9 am – 1pm: Public Tours of Pride
– 2 pm – 4pm: Pride Public Sail: Click here to purchase tickets
– 9 am – 7 pm: Traveling Exhibit and Community Events on the Pier
o Traveling Exhibit:
A photographic panel display of Lafayette’s role in the American Revolution and the Hermione’s reconstruction.
o Community Heritage events:
Historic shipbuilding and colonial crafts demonstrations. Maryland regiments and fife and drum corps. Lafayette reenactments. 3 afternoon interlude concerts by Rochefort’s Les Vents Marines: French and American seafaring songs from the American Revolution to today with public sing-a-longs.
Location: Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Constellation Pier 1 (301 E. Pratt Street) and the West Wall (301 Light Street)

See you in June!


Rick Scott,
Executive Director
Pride of Baltimore, Inc.

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