• Applicant Information

  • Travel Information

    For international travel (including Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean), you must provide a copy of your passport and any VISA or other entry documents required by U.S. Customs or Homeland Security to the Pride, Inc. office prior to boarding. For U.S. passages, you must provide a copy of your driver’s license and/or birth certificate. You may email copies of documents to pride2@pride2.org or fax to 443.377.3897.
  • Emergency Information

  • Must be someone NOT on the ship with you
  • Additional Medical Information

  • Release of Liability and Acknowledgement of Passenger Responsibility

  • In consideration of being a passenger on the United States Coast Guard certified passenger carrying auxiliary sailing vessel Pride of Baltimore II, I do hereby make the following statement concerning liability and acknowledgement concerning my responsibility and safety as a passenger:

    I acknowledge, as a passenger, that I have no responsibility to perform as a crew member of the vessel; that my responsibility is to obey the orders and policies of the Captain, officers and crew of the vessel; and that I will remain in designated passenger areas when requested to do so. I also acknowledge that compliance with safety regulations and other precautions does not guarantee against maritime vessel sinking, deaths, and injuries at sea; and that such occurrences have taken place in the past and will continue to be risks. Insofar as my interest to sail aboard Pride is to be a participant, much like a crew member, I hereby willingly assume my own risk when participating in any activities that are not the normal activities of a passenger, but are really the responsibility of the crew. In addition, I assume any and all risk of injury to my property or my person, including loss of life, while a passenger aboard Pride of Baltimore II, and hereby, on behalf of myself and my personal representatives, hold harmless Pride of Baltimore, Inc., its directors, officers, employees, and agents from and against any liability for any such injury, damage, or death save and except any such loss or claim which results from the negligence or willful misconduct of Pride, its employees, agents, and representatives, or any negligent acts or omissions in connection with the proper maintenance of Pride of Baltimore II.I also give permission for photographs and video to be taken at the event in which my image may be used for promotional and/or advertising purposes by Pride of Baltimore, Inc. and/or its assignees in any medium, without compensation to me.