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End of Winter Maintenance…Beginning of the Sailing Season

Friday, February 25, 2011
Winter Berth, Clinton Street, Baltimore

Rain & fog before a strong cold front proclaimed to be sporting 50 mile per hour winds with 60 mph gusts!

Today is the last day for the winter crew. Lots of stropping of blocks going on. You know…taking loops (eyes) of line and seizing them to blocks. This because the strops were removed for sheave (pulley) & pin inspection followed by sanding and varnishing of block wooden shells some 3 to 5 times. Can’t put Pride II ‘s rig together without the taken apart blocks being put back together! So the stropping gang is in full swing.

Monday the sailing crew come aboard to start the reassembly process as well go to shipyard for dry-docking. Then sail training and history and mission training in time for the first event of the 2011 season…Baltimore’s Privateers Weekend set for April 15.

So, is winter over? Whether it is or not…we are going ahead with getting Pride II ready for the 2011 sailing season. Rumors and inquiries abound regarding where Pride II  will go this year. A little birdie tells me the Great Lakes again. Something about pre-celebrating the start of the celebrations of the 1812 War Bi-Centennial.

Meanwhile my good friend and sailing vessel professional Captain Daniel Moreland of the Barque Picton Castle just departed from Cape Town, South Africa headed for Namibia…way cool huh! Picton Castle returns to her base of operations in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada completing her 5th passage around the world this coming June. Shortly thereafter she heads off for a circumnavigation of New Foundland. New Foundland?…now that is pretty interesting!!! Fiords, history (marine as well the regular type), remote indigenous native societies. Sailing on a real square rigger. A proper barque. One that has gone around the world 5 times as well crossed the North Atlantic to cruise Western Europe, Ireland, England, Scandinavia, Continental Europe and the Caribbean during the return voyage. All of her voyages include space for willing adventurers aboard as part of the crew. Real hands-on square rigged sailing experiences and lessons. Any of you out there that wants to see New Foundland from the decks of a venerable square rigger? Take a look at Picton Castle’s web site. Sitting here on the eve of getting Pride II ready for her 2011 adventures…I could almost wish I could purchase a chance to circumnavigate New Foundland. Can’t you?

But if you would rather sail aboard the most well known…throughout the world…real reproduction of an 1812 War American Baltimore Privateer Schooner instead…we would understand…and would really welcome you! Stay tuned for the itinerary!

Jan C. Miles, Captain, Pride of Baltimore II