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From Charleston on to Norfolk

PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II is currently sailing northeasterly from Charleston with a favorable southwest breeze in temperatures of 85 F and 80% humidity. It is good to be out of Charleston but lonely not being with the fleet. The weather in Charleston is hotter and more muggy with heat warnings posted for combined heat and humidity values to 105 F expected Monday.

Saturday evening was the beginning of this weather by the arrival in Charleston of several heavy thunder shower and wind squalls, along with the posted warning of a possible tornado. All TSAC 2009 evening activities were cancelled. But that did not bother PRIDE. She was at anchor along with SPIRIT OF SOUTH CAROLINA because there was not enough dock space for all of the visiting vessels…and since both vessels were interested in making some money by running paying passenger day-sails, both vessels were relegated to anchorage. Tornado watch while at anchor? Events cancelled due to tornado warnings? What should we do out here at anchor? Well…basically hope for the best. Fortunately no tornado actually occurred.

PRIDE did indeed receive 1st in Class B and 1st in Fleet based on handicap. So she is sailing away from Charleston today with two sculptured glass forms on board depicting her honors. Meanwhile the fleet is getting ready to depart Charleston tomorrow and race on to Boston as PRIDE makes her way to Norfolk to help celebrate their July 4th weekend. After the Norfolk celebrations, PRIDE will hurry along to Boston to rejoin the fleet.

I am sorry that PRIDE cannot race to Boston with her friends. They are a greatly competitive group of friends and we shall miss them as well their at sea company when all are sailing together. PRIDE’s crew look forward to sharing the ports of Boston and Halifax with the visiting fleet before the European vessels head off to Northern Ireland. However, we do have one of JOLIE BRISE’s Atlantic Crossing crew aboard PRIDE for the rest of the summer! So we shall be having a bit of international flavor aboard PRIDE even as the fleet heads east across the Atlantic and on home.

Jan C. Miles, Captain aboard Pride of Baltimore II