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In-Port Life "Aboard" During an International Sail Training Vessel Event

St. George’s, Bermuda


PRIDE is in good company as sail training vessels from Europe and North America are also gathered in Bermuda. Some finished a race across the Atlantic from Europe and some, like PRIDE, are gathered to join the fleet for the next race from Bermuda to Charleston, NC. This regatta is a result of an opportunity for the international sail training community to help Bermuda celebrate 400 years.


The staging for the official Bermuda Tall Ships event, which starts Friday, June 12, is to provide dockage outside the central port of Hamilton for the early arrivals. Hence the collecting fleet is scattered from one end of this island nation to the other. While the visiting vessels await the move to downtown Hamilton, the crew of all ships are busy taking care of their vessels and using their time off to the best advantage. Evening times are spent honoring official and unofficial invitations to ship-board parties or those hosted at local yacht clubs. What distinguishes most international training vessel gatherings is the very strong focus on sailors of 15 years through 25 years. Several of the evening events are therefore geared to those ages and the fact there are several nationalities represented.


Taking care of the vessels involves re-victualing, watering, and fueling, as well a wide variety of repairs. Some of the desires and requirements can be very troubling to obtain in this very small nation surrounded by at least 800 nautical miles of water. In the end, what cannot be gotten on the island must be sent in from another country or lived without.


Tonight is the first night of official “host” sponsored events. The Mayor of St. George’s is hosting the Captains and officers of those vessels moored in St. George’s. All of us must depart tomorrow and move to Hamilton. Meanwhile there is a “trainee & crew” barbeque being held in the St. George’s Dingy Club at the same time. I wonder which event will be the most lively?

Jan C. Miles, Captain Pride of Baltimore II