Time: 1515 EDT
Position: 42d 21.5 North X 67D 21.8 West or half way across the mouth of the Gulf of Maine…or near the boarder between United States and Canada

We continue to motor our way along. Have much sail up capturing the light southerly winds to assist with making as much speed as possible.

Oops. No, we don’t. Just as I began this log, the little bit of wind that was from the south died off completely. So, the crew are taking in the three jibs, the square-topsail and the foresail. The sea is in a virtual mill pond state. No ruffles at all.

I thought I would supplement the list of American fishing vessel names we have been reading on the ship’s AIS.

Destiny, Miss Trish II, Teresa Marie IV, Travis & Natalie, DyrstenProvidian, Sunlight, Starlight, Nobska, Southern Crusader, Sao Marcos IIJacqueline Robin, Laura Beth and Gladys Elaine.

Now that we have reached the boundary between USA & Canada, any fishing vessel names we see as we proceed through Canadian waters will be, of course, Canadian fishing vessels.

Hmm…I wonder if the nature of their naming will be any different than what we have seen thus far.

Signed, Jan C. Miles