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Pugwash and Beyond with PRIDE II

Day sails with enthusiastic Pugwashers aboard….Salt mine tours for the crews…Ship tours for the public who wait in line to climb very steep gangways due to significant tidal rise and fall…Receptions with speeches by local area dignitaries…And one coffee house where the internet can be found. Pugwash may be small but lacks nothing for enthusiasm for their first multi-vessel tall ship festival.

Pugwash is home to a growing retirement population and also the first effort to control the spread of nuclear proliferation by leading world scientists. That effort has morphed into a regular gathering of world leaders getting together to discuss world matters. 

Pugwash was the last multi-vessel tall ship festival port in a string of five Nova Scotian marine festivals over a period of 14 days starting with Halifax. The tour of the Canadian Salt Company Mine down some 1,100 feet into the ground was the highlight of Pugwash for some crew.  Inoted howwever, how the crews of ALL the vessels got very dressed up for the final crew party of this Nova Scotian tall ship series, which was kindly hosted by PICTON CASTLE. The crew of PRIDE provided some live entertainment in the form of a string band they have put together assisted on the last night of the Nova Scotian festivals by PICTON CASTLE’s first mate.

Now all of the vessels are off on their solitary missions. PRIDE is on her way toward the town of Gaspe on the eastern tip of the Gaspe Peninsula in the Province of Quebec. Back in 1534, French explorer Jacques Cartier made his first landfall in North America here at the beginning of his first exploration of what is now Quebec Province and the eastern end of Ontario Province. He made three separate explorations of Eastern North America and is reputed to have kept all of his explorers alive and never lost a vessel save for an outbreak of scurvy in a winter camp located in what is now Quebec City. PRIDE is making a stop in the town of Gaspe to help celebrate 475 years since Jacques Cartier first landed. Some of PRIDE’s crew are polishing up their spoken French.

Jan C. Miles, Captain aboard Pride of Baltimore II