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Captain's Log – Starting Day Two Norfolk to Toronto

Date: Tuesday June 14, 2016
Time: 415 EDT
Position: 38d 29.5 North X 73d 40.5 West. Near Wilmington Canyon. About 63
nautical miles ExS from Cape May, New Jersey

Wind has been light or contrary since departure from Norfolk. Been motoring steadily all the while since departure.

Currently been experiencing wind more from NNW than from east of north so  we how are motor-sailing with four lower sails (mainsail, foresail, staysail and jib). Sea is lumpy from weather activity to the north. A second cold front drifted off-shore this morning bringing with it fresh contrary winds that have only recently moderated from near 20 knots to around 10 knots. Forecast promises winds to back more toward the west. Maybe, just maybe, there will be enough strength to do some actual sailing soon.

Ship life aboard has been quiet. Everyone is settling into a routine. Every four hours a change of watch. Some changes at meal time. Some socializing goes on then. Been passing fishing vessels at work. Was recently passed by a ocean fishing “head boat” called the VOYAGER. They diverted from what they were doing to come take a look. Headed off toward land soon after.

Ship’s business has been getting caught up. Boat plunging about in the residual swell from the north. Having sail up helps dampen the motion. Keeping speed up with engines helps as well by keeping the recently reduced wind force a little stronger against the sails.

Signed, Jan C. Miles