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Building Pride Sept. 1987 by Bill Band

Thankful for Talented and Dedicated Friends

Photo: Building Pride of Baltimore II, September 1987, by Bill Band.

As Pride of Baltimore II is being readied for the 2019 sailing season, I am reminded of stalwart support from local artisans. The following sources date back to Pride’s two-year construction from 1987 to 1988.

Arrow Metal of Baltimore is a sheet metal and steel fabrication shop. Owners Doug and Virginia Howard have provided, and continue to provide, pro bono custom metal fabrication solutions sought for the ship. The most recent being fabrication of a replacement metal anchor chain hawse pipe. They are also working on a replacement of the bowsprit martingale spreader, “Dolphin Striker” for you romantics out there.

Peregrine Construction is owned by the foreman for Pride’s construction, Gary “Leroy” Suroski. He has numerous times provided wood and carpentry skills to the ship during her 30 years. Most recently, he provided a wood plug for replacing a lost gun door. On several occasions he has been assisted by Paul Powichroski. Paul was one of the builders of Pride and was the ship’s engineer/deckhand for her maiden voyage. Ever since that voyage, Paul has been a collaborator with Leroy fabricating wood solutions for Pride. Paul has also been a valued resource for engineering knowledge for a variety of wood and metal solutions using his engineering education from the University of Maryland.

Baltimore Galvanizing is also a local company that has provided pro bono service to Pride, both during her building as well as over her three decades.

And then there is Pride’s master shipwright and builder, G. Peter Boudreau. He freely shares his sage council when asked.

When it comes to a traditionally constructed wood ship like Pride, with her complexity and scale of hull and rigging being vigorously sailed for long seasons, wear and tear accumulate. These experts local to Pride’s homeport and home state are highly valued resources for their willingness to continue supporting the ship. Their particular value is capability and interest to ponder solutions of care of the unique to the world Pride of Baltimore II.

Are there other local resources that support the ship? Certainly! Irregularly timed over the past three decades, there have been other local pro bono donors supporting the ship. Mostly in the supply of off-the-shelf items that do not require additional special technical skills.

So late this January, as the 2019 sailing crew come aboard and start the up-rig of Pride of Baltimore II, knowing it has been three decades for the ship, I want to recognize and share my sincere appreciation for this small group of highly skilled and knowledgeable talents and thank them for their stalwart dedication to Maryland’s world-renowned icon.

Captain Jan C. Miles