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Sail Repair Winter 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

There is plenty to be thankful for regarding the multi-decade worldwide renowned legacy called Pride of Baltimore.

Pride of Baltimore II is three decades mature. Just as strong today as she was when commissioned in October of 1988. Her designer and her builders did a remarkably good job. She sails enviably. Is admired and appreciated nationally and worldwide.

But all things and all folk age. Unlike folk, things can be refreshed almost indefinitely, given the effort to keep things going indefinitely. So, what things are planned for refreshing aboard Pride at three decades? Maybe there are readers that would like to donate to these needs? Apply their own effort at keeping going the unique and renowned Pride of Baltimore II?

Here are just some of the items/tasks and (estimated) associated costs that are part of the 30-year refit:

    • Port transmission overhaul – $10,000
    • Port engine alternator replacement and drive pulley machining – $5,000
    • Anchor chain hawse pipe replacement – $1,500
    • Anchor windlass maintenance – $1,000
    • Martingale-spreader renewal – $1,000
    • Galley diesel stove replacement – $5,000
    • House bank batteries replacement – $10,000
    • Start bank batteries replacement – $1,000
              Generator start bank replacement – $500

The goal is to have Pride II ready to sail a full season in 2019.

Captain Jan C. Miles