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A memory of Turkey Day—and pie!

Crewman Dan Roeder cuts into a pie with zest at a Thanksgiving celebration in Galveston, 1988. Photo courtesy of Mariah Selene Clark.

In 2023, Maryland’s iconic tall ship, Pride of Baltimore II, celebrated her 35th sailing season. Keeping with her legacy, she sailed over 10,000 nautical miles and welcomed more than 40,000 visitors across her deck.

This 35th anniversary season Pride II retraced some of the footsteps from her maiden voyage in the fall of 1988 that took the ship more than 8,000 miles from home and included a visit to Galveston. It was there that first sailing season that the crew celebrated Pride II‘s first Thanksgiving. Since then, celebrating Turkey Day has become a time-honored tradition on the ship—one that has always included ample pie!

At Thanksgiving, we are thankful for all our captains and crew, past and present, who have represented the spirit of the city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland in ports throughout the world.