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Captain Miles Honored as "Honorary Colonel" at Fort McHenry Military Tattoo

The experience of the Military Tattoo event on June 28th would have been amazing even without having been chosen to receive status as Honorary Colonel of the Fort McHenry Guard! Sitting with Ranger Vince Vaise on the podium, observing the four Fife and Drum Corps passing by us, was surrealistic and a great honor! I was not a member of the general crowd, but almost alone on a podium in front of the bands. What a strange and honored experience!

I would like to give my sincere thanks to the very dedicated folks at Fort McHenry for bestowing upon the Honorary Colonel designation. They are a most dedicated group of professionals and volunteers. To be given membership to the long and dedicated traditions there is most humbling and something I greatly treasure.


To the colleagues and friends I’ve made over the years through the astonishing four decade legacy of the PRIDEs of Baltimore, it is important to me that you know my deep appreciation and honor to be a part of your constant support. May PRIDE continue many voyages as our worldwide renowned “Star-Spangled Ambassador” and maritime icon of our city, our state, our nation, and our world.

Together we stand knowing our accomplishments of the last four decades are proof of the value and importance of preserving the PRIDE legacy in perpetuity. The legacy is a story of all of us that spans our past and our renaissance since 1976. Like all valued shrines of our past that we support, such as Fort McHenry, we recognize the value of our “living” legacy through sailing PRIDE far and wide. Through those voyages we now posses the only American sailing vessel so widely well known by the nation and the world. What an honor it is to be a member among all of you!