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Homeward Bound


Date: Friday, June 30, 2017 – the eve of arrival into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, marking the end of Pride of Baltimore II’s participation in Sail Training International’s Rendez-vous 2017

Position: Anchored near mouth of the Magothy River, north of Sandy Point State Park, east of Gibson Island’s Mountain Point

Homeward Bound

America’s Star-Spangled Ambassador soon returns to her home port from an International Tall Ship Rendez-vous voyage flush with successful representation across an international tall ship community.

On Saturday, Pride II will sail into her home port of Baltimore, Maryland, after six weeks of voyaging via Charleston, Bermuda, and Boston. A voyage that had Pride part of an international fleet of tall ships coming together to race as they advanced port to port toward Canada’s commemoration of 150 years since Confederation.

More than 15,000 visitors came aboard Pride over three tall ship festivals with visiting ships representing nearly two dozen nationalities from Europe, Central, South, & North Americas.

There were two races between a combined fleet of twenty vessels, ranging from the modern sloop or ketch up to 300+ feet of square rigger, from circa late-1700s, to modern sailing technology of today.

America’s Star-Spangled Ambassador earned…

  • Two first-in-class B wins
  • One first overall in fleet
  • One first in fleet to cross the finish line.
  • One 2nd overall in fleet (the overall performances are handicap calculation results)
  • And a first of the larger vessels to cross the finish line (larger meaning class A)

How does Pride stand out to the viewing public when there are vessels ranging in size from small to nearly 400 feet and 3 or 4 square rigged masts are on display?

Quite stunningly actually. The profile of the Baltimore Clipper is an eye-catchingly beautiful, unique to the world, as well to the United States. It is one of the most beautiful profiles of any sailing vessel around the whole globe. The astonishing rake of her prodigious sail plan is a wonder to all viewers. She is deeply admired for her successful ambassadorial voyages to the Far East and to Eastern and Western Europe, as well her strong performances in international tall ships races as well Tall Ships America races for decades.

Thus it is: Pride will be sailing home again, carrying with her a deep appreciation and great admiration from Sail Training International’s Rendez-vous 2017 for the citizens of Baltimore and Maryland and their beautiful sailing ambassador. A world renowned ambassador of Baltimore and of Maryland, and also the United States. No other state in the Union, nor city, is so uniquely identified and admired by the world of maritime nations as is Maryland’s vintage, War of 1812, Privateer Star-Spangled Sailing Ambassador, Pride of Baltimore II.

Come on down to Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic shrine or to the shores of Baltimore’s world famous Inner Harbor to witness the return of your world renowned sailing ambassador. Maryland’s Pride is yet again returning home from another very successful campaign, reminding the world of Maryland and Baltimore with an open invitation to come visit and experience our proud history and strong interest to engage with the international community.


Captain Jan C. Miles