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Captain's Log – Rolling around and along in the Gulf of Maine

Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Position: Rolling around and along in the Gulf of Maine

Pride of Baltimore II  is sailing downwind in a pretty typical nor’easter. It has been slowly building overnight and is now near 25-30 knots. Pride‘s speed this morning is ranging from 7-9 knots pushed along by only the reefed square-topsail and the fore-staysail. Life aboard is one of hanging on between lulls of relative normal orientation during which bodies can relax and movement around the vessel is fairly feasible. Otherwise it is truly “hang on” as the rolling ranges from mostly to one side to equally extreme to both sides. The ship’s cook, Phil, is in good spirits despite a sleepless night of significant noise from the galley gear crashing around, the tomato sauce going upside down in the refrigerator, the forks/knives/spoons tray taking a flyer, and numerous other parlor circus tricks in the midst of getting breakfast out.

This morning Pride is around 60 nautical miles east of Cape Ann, Massachusetts and 50 nautical miles northeast of Provincetown, Massachusetts. She is headed down-wind toward the Cape Cod Canal through which she will enter Buzzards Bay sometime early tomorrow.

This downwind rolling sail ought to smooth out some as Pride enters Cape Cod Bay on the way to the Canal. Phil can always hope. 😎


Captain Jan C. Miles