Pictured above: PRIDE thanks all of the volunteers that came Saturday to assist. Captain Herard and 3 crew from LADY MARYLAND, Pride, Inc.’s own office and ship volunteer Pierre Henkart, PRIDE alum crew Brad Fluery, Christine Clear, Doug Leasure, Paul Powachroski, Chris Landers, new to the ship volunteer Phil Wieser, Winter Crew Volunteer Alum Steve Valihura¬†and four Ship’s Officers, Jesse Doucette, Zach Michael, Dan Calbick and Kevin Moran. Not shown in the photo is new to the ship volunteer Richard Heckart who assisted on Friday.

In the first week of Rig-Up 2015, the ship has been made livable and she has been unwrapped and de-framed… meaning her winter cover has been moved from ship to shore and stowed away till next time we lay the ship up for winter.

Now begins the process of moving further aboard with PRIDE’s equipment and safety gear while also preparing to actually send topmasts and yards up.

It will be at least a week before even considering sending topmasts up. They must be dressed. The usual running rigging blocks for halyards to lift topmasts up must first be sent up and rove off with halyards. Meanwhile the yards must also be “dressed” with their own blocks and rigging in preparation of being sent up.

Anyone up for the fiddly details of getting equipment aboard and stowed properly as well working on preparing for sending yards and topmasts up? Email Captain Jan Miles at jan@pride2.org.

We are open to any willing hands to join us at the ship daily from 0800-1700 seven days a week. Understand we are a “come when you can, go when you must” volunteer opportunity. ūüėé

Location is 1910 S. Clinton St., Baltimore, MD 21224