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Captain's Log – Under Way Again…Departed Lunenburg

Date: Monday June 20, 2016
Time: 1740 ADT/1640 EDT

Pride II is under full broad reaching sail steering east past Halifax bound for Cape Canso at the east end of Nova Scotia about 100 nautical miles away.

Wind is on the starboard quarter and all broad reaching sail includes the top-gallant sail and the studding-sail. Wind is blowing about 15 knots from the south-southwest. Pride II is making around 7.5 knots. The sea is relatively smooth, so the ship is holding very steady on account of the pressure of the wind on the sails is preventing as much rolling as would occur if there was no sail set and we were motoring along.

The fuel truck was prompt this morning. Canadian Customs clearance protocols were also prompt with the assistance of the office of Picton Castle handling faxes and emails. Actual departure from the dock was just before 1100 local time. Captain Moreland and his staff were down to toss off dock lines and wish bon voyage. It was only about a 2 mile motor to a point for setting sail. Engines off since around 1130. Crew spent the day setting sail and were turned into watches at 1600 local. The ship is very quiet now, as those on watch work quietly and those off-watch are also quiet. Soon Phil, the Cook, will be making supper preparation noises for the first seating at 1930 local.

It is truly nice to be making progress in the desired direction, under sail, with no engines propelling us along.

Depending on the wind today, and overnight, we could find ourselves taking in sail tomorrow morning around Cape Canso and motoring up to Canso Straits Lock near Port Hawksbury. Once north of the lock, hopefully before mid-day, I am looking for the possibility of a fair and fresh breeze to keep sailing north-northwestward across the Gulf of St. Lawrence toward the Gaspe Peninsula, and the turn westward toward the St. Lawrence River, hopefully sometime Wednesday afternoon.

Signed, Jan C. Miles