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Penned in at the Annapolis Sailboat Show

Wx: Calm, Clear and glittering with shiny new boats

Today marks the official kick off of the 40th Annual Annapolis Sailboat Show, and Pride II is definitely “in” the show. Tied up on the North Side of the Sailing Hall of Fame Dock, we’ve got Catalina’s to the left of us, dozens of dinghies to the right, and a veritable city of floating docks, daysailers, overnighters, multi-hulls, and schooners astern. This morning the Press and Trade Show starts the event, and Pride II is looking ready. Since weaving through the obstacle course of pilings and docks to secure on Monday evening, we’ve been working on freshening up the paint and varnish. Pride II’s transom, particularly, will be on center stage, as floating dock “A1” will lead people within feet of it all weekend. So the rail has a fresh coat of varnish, the Maryland Shield and Homeport carving are newly painted, and the carved, gleaming gold-leaf letters of her name have been brought to full luster. I dare say she shines as bright at 21 years old as any of the flashy new launched boats around her.

Jamie Trost, Captain aboard Pride of Baltimore II