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Sunrise over the Gulf of St.Lawrence

Rounding the Gaspé Peninsula

Photo: Sunrise on the St. Lawrence, June 19, 2019, courtesy of Chief Mate Jeff Crosby

Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Time: 1100 hours EDT
Position: Passing along the north side of the Gaspé Peninsula
Status: Motoring
Conditions: Calm

The weather in the Gulf of St. Lawrence has been very light since Monday. What wind there has been, has been contrary. Sometimes enough to sail close-hauled from near along the southeastern shore of Anticosti Island over to mid-gulf between the Magdalen Islands and east tip of Gaspé. Thence, up toward the northwest and around that eastern tip of Gaspé.

Have been motoring along the north coast of Gaspé Peninsula since early this morning. Forecast from Canada indicates there might be some sailing soon with more contrary winds of light to moderate strength from the southwest. Then later on, after another light & variable wind period, wind from the northeast. It would be helpful to get some more sailing along our route accomplished before having to commit to only motoring when the extra time runs out. The more sailing in the right direction that can be done, the greater the fuel reserves will be for the paddle up the river past Quebec City and Montreal, and on in to Lake Ontario.

Captain Jan C. Miles