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Pride of Baltimore II arriving in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, June 11, 2019, courtesy of Out the Gate Sailing

Safe and Secure in Lunenburg, Thanks to Adams & Knickle

Photo: Arriving in Lunenburg, June 11, 2019, courtesy of Out the Gate Sailing

Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Time: 1600 ADT (local Lunenburg time)
Position: Moored at Adams & Knickle Ltd. piers, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sailed all the way across the Gulf of Maine with all of Pride’s reaching sail set (main, main-gaff-topsail, foresail, fore-staysail, jib, jib-topsail, square-foretopsail, square-topgallant-sail, and studding-sail). Speed ranged from 6 to 8 knots with a touch of 9 knots a couple of times using southwesterly wind of 10 to 15 knots. Sailed 24 hours from noon Sunday to noon Monday, crossing 172 nautical miles — smooth sea; steady angle of heel of around 5 degrees; a very sedate sail; very relaxing; no sails needing adjusting; only steer and monitor progress, and check the ship hourly.

From noon Monday, near Cape Sable, to Tuesday morning, motored to Lunenburg. Hardly a breath of wind. Maybe a little bit of southeasterly at 5 knots or less. After striking the studding-sail, square-topgallant-sail, and square-fore-topsail near Cape Sable, left the other sails up for the motoring to Lunenburg. Sometimes they assisted. More often they hung quietly with a smooth sea. Reset the square-fore-topsail for the entry into Lunenburg Harbor. No real sailing. Just a pretty picture with a couple of cannon salutes. Then an orderly taking of sail before mooring up at Adams & Knickle.

Customs clearance was done by email, largely because staff at Pride, Inc. were diligent and timely with emailed paperwork well in advance of actual arrival. A very friendly welcome from our friends with Picton Castle. A horn salute and a so-long wave from Bluenose II, because she departed for Halifax soon after our arrival. We will see her again Saturday. The plan is for all three vessels to depart Lunenburg on Saturday together. All three are going to be participating in the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Great Lakes 2019, a series of festivals and races in the Great Lakes coordinated by Tall Ships America. All three vessels departing together ought to be an interesting site for Lunenburg!

Now that all the formalities with authorities are handled and welcomes accomplished, the rest of this day is spent on ship maintenance and other chores, such as laundry. Local knowledge assistance and a bit of local errand assistance from Picton Castle makes for great efficiency.

For those interested in learning more about the dock Pride is using here in Lunenburg, search Wikipedia for “Adams & Knickle”. Pride has moored here before. They have been very accommodating to Pride and other visiting tall ships needing to meet Canadian maritime security regulations. Adams & Knickle is a fishing company with piers and facilities that meet national maritime security regulations. Pride is required to moor at secured marine mooring facilities — meaning gated, fenced and monitored around the clock — when visiting Canada. All for protection from possible terrorism goals. Adams & Knickle’s owner has long been generous with support for visiting tall ships requiring secure mooring facilities. And so, Pride is again welcomed by Adams & Knickle. We very much appreciate this very significant thoughtfulness! A company started in 1897. Check them out.

Captain Jan C. Miles