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Sailing up the coast

0900 Hours

Becalmed. 8 miles east of Point Pleasant, New Jersey and 22 miles south of Sandy Hook. Sea a glassy undulating surface under a partly cloudy sky with a horizon of haze to the west and northwest coming from shore.

PRIDE departed from her home port on Memorial Day, after spending a very busy April and May in Baltimore and Annapolis.  It was the longest stretch of time that PRIDE has remained in her home port for a number of years.  On departure day wind was light from the east. After topping off fuel tanks at the Rusty Scupper marina facility we motored towards the Chesapeake Bay. After a lot of safety review with Guest Crew and lunch the wind came up. Set all plain sail and did tacking drills down The Bay and through the Bay Bridge till evening time. Turned around and sailed downwind to the C & D Canal. Passed through around midnight after taking in all sail.

Motored down the Delaware River and Bay till dawn when the expected SW wind picked up. Re-set 4 lower sails and proceeded to sail out of the mouth of the Delaware around breakfast time on Tuesday. Set foretopsail and reached off before the freshening SW’rly breeze. Fast sailing all day at around 9 to 10 knots. Executed a gibe late afternoon to head north for New York Harbor entrance. Thunder squalls arrived at dusk. Struck foretopsail followed soon thereafter by mainsail and jib. Wind died and rain fell. Drifted all night in light winds.

Morale aboard is high after yesterday’s fast sailing. Not even the initial motion sickness felt by some as PRIDE entered the undulating Atlantic or the inundation of flies that came aboard suddenly as we left the Delaware Bay were able to dampen the awe of PRIDE’s power filled sailing. I think we will wait out this calm for southerly winds promised for later today. We have the time as we are not expected to arrive North Cove Marina in Lower Manhattan till late morning tomorrow.

Jan Miles, Captain aboard PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II