Press Release: Governor Hogan Announces New Partnership

Governor Hogan Announces New Partnership
with Pride of Baltimore II
New State Support for Historic Goodwill Vessel to Promote Economic Development

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BALTIMORE, January 18, 2016 – Governor Hogan today announced the state of Maryland will launch a new public-private partnership with the sailing vessel Pride of Baltimore II, using the high-profile schooner to promote economic development opportunities for the state. With the new funding, Pride of Baltimore II will expand its economic development activity in the state, around the country, and in other nations.

Pride of Baltimore is a wonderful symbol of the rich maritime heritage of both our state and the city of Baltimore, and the ship generates extremely valuable exposure and goodwill wherever she goes,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “We are pleased to have a new partnership with the Pride and to have her help carry our message across the state, nation, and globe – that Maryland is open for business.”

Under a new agreement, the state will commit $1.5 million to Pride of Baltimore Inc., the nonprofit that owns and operates the Pride, over the next three years. The organization will use the funds to underwrite the Pride’s activities and expand its focus on selling Maryland as a strong economic market.

Pride’s mission has been to promote historical maritime education, foster economic development and tourism, and represent the people of Maryland in ports throughout the world,” said Rick Scott, executive director of Pride of Baltimore Inc. “We are thrilled to have a new partnership with Maryland and we will be working closely with the Maryland Departments of Transportation and Commerce to promote economic development here.”

Launched in 1988, Pride of Baltimore II is a topsail schooner that is a replica of the Baltimore clippers that were built in the city more than 200 years ago – fast, sleek vessels that were integral parts of the city and state’s commerce for many years. As one of the most respected tall ships in the nation, Pride of Baltimore II generates excitement at every port and provides a vivid reminder of the state’s rich commercial history and vibrant economic opportunities.

“We know the value the Pride brings to our efforts to market Baltimore and Maryland to business leaders and entrepreneurs,” said Mike Gill, secretary of the Maryland Department of Commerce. “The ship is a wonderful ambassador and a piece of our history that will be an incredibly exciting messenger for us around the country.”

Along with the state support, Pride of Baltimore Inc. will this year launch a corporate membership campaign to generate new revenue to support the Pride’s activities. The organization is also reaching out to the public to secure new individual supporters.

The Pride will sail in Maryland during parts of 2016 and has plans to take part in tall ships events on both the East Coast and in the Great Lakes next summer. At each of those events, the ship will share messages about the state. The Pride will also continue to offer educational sessions for school children.

“The Pride is a great iconic figure of Maryland and Baltimore,” said Maryland Transportation Secretary Pete K. Rahn. “As the Pride travels around our country, it promotes our state and largest city in a positive light.”

Pride of Baltimore II has spread positive messages about Baltimore and Maryland throughout the world. Its predecessor, Pride of Baltimore, was commissioned in 1977 and sank in a squall in the Atlantic Ocean in 1986. Together, the ships have educated thousands of children and captured the imagination of millions worldwide.

Both Prides have fostered economic development and tourism for Maryland, and have promoted Baltimore and Maryland by attracting millions of dollars in advertising value from the media generated by sailing.

Over the past 27 years, Pride of Baltimore II has voyaged to more than 200 ports in 40 countries and is one of the best-known U.S. sailing vessels in the world. Pride of Baltimore II has been well-maintained and can easily sail for another 50 years.

“We have an incredible legacy and a tool that can be used for economic development and to spread positive messages of Baltimore, the state of Maryland, our communities, and businesses in national and international media,” Scott said. “We think the positive messages that Pride delivers are needed now more than ever.”

About Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore II was commissioned in 1988 to carry on the mission of her predecessor, Pride of Baltimore. Both ships were designed as reproductions of 1812-era topsail schooners, and built in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland.

Pride’s mission is to promote historical maritime education, foster economic development and tourism, and represent the people of Maryland in every port she visits. Each season, the vessel visits dozens of ports of call, and welcomes aboard tens of thousands of people for deck tours, sailing charters, day sails, youth programs, private events, and overnight guest crew experiences.

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