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CAPTAIN'S LOG: "The Spa" aboard PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II…a rare speciality…to be found nowhere else…

Swimming, sailing, exercise, calisthenics, weights, climbing, good food, cool drinks, naps in the morning, naps in the afternoon, fantastic deserts, all day long activities, well into the evening hours. Night-sky full of stars and the occasional planet. A half moon at the moment. Ever changing view of wide open spaces remote from crowded developments. Quiet environment save for the wind in the rigging and the jokes of your spa-mates.

For two days Pride has been sailing south in the Chesapeake Bay without aid of engine. The wind has been a hot, mostly breezy 10-20 knots from the SSW & SW.

Sailing started at 1100 yesterday (Monday) right from the Inner Harbor. At 2130 last evening the anchor was dropped near Deal, Maryland and the harbor known as Herring Harbor on the west side of The Bay south of the Annapolis Region…sort of directly across from Poplar Island/Tilghman Island on the eastern side. Yesterday’s sail required 8 tacks because of the amount of south in the wind direction. The crew were stood into their “sea watches” for the day on one hour rotation. The two watches not steering and keeping an eye on things were stood down to nap, read, whatever, till they were called for tacking. By 2215 all was secured and all hands stood down for the night after sailing to the anchor. Come 2300, not a soul was in sight, not a creature was stirring.

Today the day started at 0600 with sailing off the anchor. Wind was up a bit more than 10-15 with gusts of 20 knots from yesterday. Today it was forecast to 15 knots with gusts of 25 knots. With the more southwesterly slant than yesterday it only took 2 tacks to get further down The Bay. We did not actually see gusts of 25 knots till this afternoon as we were approaching Point No Point, MD. At first we struck the square fore-topsail. Then upon review of the situation, struck the main ‘on the fly’ and jibbed around (striking the jib while doing so) to reverse our course about one mile to anchor close to the western shore not far north of Point No Point. As of 1500 there was swim call. 88 degree water! Very spa like…might you think? Especially with the whole day spent napping between the two tacks and some steering and ‘boat-checks’.Good naps too, considering the watch rotation was extended to 2 hours. One could get some real reading or sleeping between the exercise of tacking ship. After swim call…more naps before supper. Yeah, almost spa like.