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THOWBACK THURSDAY: A Guest Crew Member's Farewell, January 23, 1989



“Ah the romance of the sea… Being pounded silly from Miami to San Juan, heat, salt water & diesel fumes in the focsle, Paul cursing the stove at 0300, gybing the ship at 2300 with television lights blinding everyone on deck, trying to find fuel in Miami Harbor after 1700, squalls, broken blocks on the main gaff… Ain’t it all grand.

So here’s a toast for the crew of the Pride of Baltimore II.

May you have fair winds and following seas.
May Captain Jan sleep happily in his cabin and someday give the perfect lecture.
May Rob’s hair always stand on end.
May Kirby’s ribs hang together.
May Paul enter stove heaven.
May Mark someday look at the rig & say… ‘Perfect.’
May Dawn spend her birthday in Rincón – but not alone.
May Louise keep spreading sunshine.
May Casey find the perfect wave… & the perfect business (bidness.)
May Peter stay in one piece.
May Kelly keep everyone well fed… & stay away from the lee rail.
May Kaboobie somehow get enough beef (raarf.)
May TJ & Jessica stay sane as they join the crew.
May Bill see all of ya again.

Happy sailin’ hon. It’s been great. See you back in Balmer.

Bill Fitzpatrick


But seriously folks —
The Pride has a great captain – really excellent – and a great crew. It has been an honor and a pleasure to sail with you. Keep up the good work and the great times.