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2019 Bon Voyage

Photo: Pride II departing from Pier 1, bound for the Great Lakes, June 5, 2019, taken by Patrick Smith.

Date: Thursday, June 6, 2019
Time: 1100 EDT
Position: Delaware Bay, between Dunk’s Point, New Jersey, and Bombay Hook Point, Delaware, motoring through smooth water as there is nearly not a breath of wind

The bon voyage send-off of Pride of Baltimore II and her crew, with the addition of six guest crew, was truly complimentary of the ship, her crew, and her mission of sharing with far-off ports a part of what is best of Maryland and Baltimore.

State and city representatives, from several agencies tasked with promoting Maryland and Baltimore, spoke of the many national and international promotional voyages by Pride of Baltimore II over the past three decades. They wished us another safe voyage with the same goal. This time, throughout the lower four Great Lakes. A Mayoral Salute from Baltimore City Mayor Jack Young was read. The ship’s crew scrambled to loose chosen sail. With next to no wind between threat of widespread rain showers, Pride II pulled away under power. Paused in the Inner Harbor to signal her departure with two cannon shots, after a send-off salute from USS Constellation. Turned and set sail while moving slowly out toward the Chesapeake Bay. There were a number of escorting vessels. It was not long before they turned back near Fort McHenry. With the continued threat of rain and the time being near sunset, darkness was encroaching sooner than it might otherwise. Seeing Pride II was soon to pass by the home of “The Star-Spangled Banner” was fulfilling duty. So with waves and cheers, they turned away.

However, there were still voyage prep needs. So the crew took in sail with the darkening skies and moored Pride II at her maintenance berth at the eastern end of the Inner Harbor, properly called the Northwest Branch of the Patapsco River.

Details were quickly attended to and all aboard stood down till near midnight. Soon after, Pride II was underway again. Motoring for the C & D Canal. Thence, the Delaware River and Bay on her way to the Western North Atlantic, bound for Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Departure timed to make best use of the reversing currents of these landbound waters.

Progress has been steady. ‘Tis likely we will reach the Atlantic before dark this day. Starting to sail is unlikely. Contrary winds are forecast. Presenting the challenge of getting north as promptly as is feasible so as to reduce exposure to the fresher contrary wind strengths forecast for the area off of lower New Jersey.

Here is to hoping.

Captain Jan C. Miles