Captain Miles goes home and Captain Trost assumes command of PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II.

I am writing from home, having been relieved by Captain Jamie Trost Monday morning in Cleveland, after 24 hours of consultation during the change of command process. This process is quite involving…even for two captains that are familiar with the ship and the mission. PRIDE is a complicated vessel with a complicated mission. Discussions of the condition of the vessel and the progress of the eleven officers and crew follow a random flow brought about by diverting often into detail to insure full comprehension.

As I write PRIDE is making her way from Cleveland towards Bay City. This morning she is departing Port Huron, MI after taking advantage of a free dock location last night. Crew are now rested from a hectic departure of Cleveland Monday racing the other tall ships. Today the weather in Lake Huron is light so PRIDE is able to motor along her way with little resistance. Soon, later today, PRIDE will be turning west into the shallow Saginaw Bay. Maybe they will be able to do some sailing then. You should soon read directly from Captain Trost about that.

Jan C. Miles, a Captain with Pride of Baltimore, Inc.