Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Location: Rounding Cape Sable, western end of Nova Scotia

The northerly remained is blowing much longer than all reports or expectations surmised. As a result PRIDE was able to sail almost the full length of the Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia, thus conserving enough fuel for me to feel free to use with the new light and contrary head winds of today. We can round Cape Sable and head out across the Gulf of Maine for Rockland, Maine, located on the western shores of Penobscot Bay, home to the Maine Windjammer Fleet.

As things stand now we should arrive Rockland tomorrow (Thursday) evening. The distance to Boston is 150 miles, or basically 1-2 days of 
travel depending on the weather. Long range forecasting hints of west winds starting Sunday. Maybe even another cold front with its characteristic northwest winds soon thereafter? Both directions are usable for getting to Boston. However, the northwest wind is much more usable.

So, the plan is in place. Friday: Get some fresh produce and some maintenance done. Saturday: get underway again with some of the Windjammer Fleet. 
Sunday: we head out for Boston. The time spent in Rockland will offer PRIDE’s crew a chance to see and maybe meet crews of the Windjammer Fleet. Sailing with them on the weekend will be a great scene as well. Then it will be “so long”
as PRIDE heads on her way again.

I almost forgot – we had helicopters flying around us as we sailed past
Halifax. PRIDE was sailing under full sail, including her top-gallant-sail (the small second square sail above the big one.) The sun was setting and the full moon was rising under a clear and cloudless sky. PRIDE was no doubt a pretty picture; indeed it was a pretty picture for us aboard. Observing the helicopters, I was left wondering if there was filming going on and if yes, where would those images end up. One helicopter that hung around for several passes was painted grey hence seemed to be military. If they got images, where would they end up? Would they be personal use only? It would be pretty interesting
to see what they captured.

Jan C. Miles and the crew of the northerly wind reaching PRIDE OF BALTIMORE